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CCP [userpic]

too many quotaton marks in this paragraph

March 21st, 2006 (07:56 pm)

current mood: happy

Thanks to a "premature" call from my HR department, I now know that I am going to receive a job offer! I applied for two jobs, but after the interview (which I felt went really well), I really only wanted one of them. These jobs were both mortgage underwriting-related, by the way. So they had me take a test, and there was a question that I was the only person to get right--another good sign. Then I had to take this bizarre online test, which included things like giving the correct definitions of "jocose", "ostler", and "Anopheles." How often you would use any of these words in an underwriting capacity....well, you wouldn't. ("Fannie", on the other hand, you get to use with alarming frequency!) Today, this Russian woman (who, when I visited her for a career development session, advised me: "Don't jump the ship!") called me. When I called her back, she said, "I called you prematurely, but I'll tell you this: [your new boss] wants to make you an offer for [convoluted, corporatized name of the postion you wanted], but we haven't determined the salary figure. I'll call you back." The use of the word "premature" makes me feel like we're talking about babies (so did the use of the phrase "final push" today).

So, yay! I'm an underwriter! I'm jumping the Good Ship Processing!

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This is only hilarious if you've been in my backyard at a certain time of year

March 18th, 2006 (08:31 pm)

<td align="center"> Christina Clayton-Petrencsik --

A person with a taste for acorns

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

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March 18th, 2006 (08:29 pm)

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:wittynightowl
Your haiku:she only made it
through the holidays in a
real second-guessing
Created by Grahame

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AIM to please

March 14th, 2006 (09:57 pm)

I haven't IM'd in so long, I don't remember any screen names. Email me yours if you want me to make you a buddy.

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Other Things I Did This Weekend

March 6th, 2006 (09:20 pm)

Susie will be happy to know that I read The Glass Castle. I enjoyed it a lot, although it disturbed me, too. Lard sandwiches! I hope she wanted me to read it because of the complicated-relationships-with-parents themes and not because she thinks I'm a hillbilly!

Todd and I picked up a custom mat to frame a sweet Clockwork Orange poster. It's not the usual creepy design; instead, it's a cute graphic design where what-his-face's eye looks like a stylized gear. It looks awesome in our orange dining room.

I learned of this. Yay!

I bought some new clothes because I have a job interview (within my company) for an underwriting position. That whole situation is very weird, though, because now my boss wants me to stay and apply for a supervisory position. I'm not sure how I feel about which job is best and whether choosing one over the other would really have a long-term impact on my career. If I go for a supervisory position because it pays more, am I then stuck climbing the supervisory ladder forevermore or could I still do something more interesting/technical later? I'm in a real second-guessing mood lately.

At any rate, it's good that I had some reason to buy some clothes because I was basically down to two wearable pairs of pants and a small collection of pilly sweaters!

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Notes on the Oscars

March 5th, 2006 (11:04 pm)

current mood: bored

I enjoyed Jon Stewart's hosting.

I hate how they keep making it a commercial for going to the movies over watching DVDs at home.

I hated that *all* the original songs.

I really want to see Capote, Transamerica, and Walk the Line.

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Semester of Nerd-dom!

March 1st, 2006 (06:57 pm)
current mood: accomplished
current song: Cat Power (in my head)

As David pointed out, I am really nerding out this semester. My third course is (extremely basic and also required for busienss majors, otherwise I would not have bothered) comp-sci; it's a whole trifecta. I'm actually enjoying it--gasp! Okay, so physics still gave me a major headache, but I appreciated that the teacher did not expect us to have the knowledge of professional scientists but still discussed "harder" topics. My math class--I get it! I actually understand the material, and now I have the patience and discipline to work out problems in a logical fashion. I'm not as randomly frustrated by the language of math as I was in h.s. I'm actually thinking of taking precalc and calc, in addition to the required statistics, because a)I (might) like math now, b) I like the idea of tackling something I was once too daunted/lazy/uninterested to do but now have the wherewithal to handle, and c) it is supposedly useful for getting into MBA programs and I like to keep my options open.

Anyway, what I really wanted to ask all you guys is this: Have all of you been liking Cat Power all this time and never telling me about her? If so, shame on you! I picked up The Greatest on the recommendation of the Amazon algorithm and because I had a Best Buy coupon (further proof Best Buy is evil), and I love her!

I finished The Mammoth Cheese last night. I recommend it! The author is a W&M grad and some Henrico County website says she lives there or is from there or something, but some other websites called her a New York writer. The states are playing tug-o-war with Sheri Holman.

I had a thrilling day at work because I got to approve and close a loan in one day, and I also posted for some other, more interesting jobs in the company.

I'm in a bizarrely good mood. Gushing, almost.

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Good dinner!

February 28th, 2006 (07:35 pm)

current mood: full
current song: JET

Todd made Hoo Hash for dinner, which is actually a recipe cribbed from Rachael Ray (no, she does not call it Hoo Hash) consisting of sausage, sweet potatoes, red onion, eggs, and homemade salsa. RR is the only prson who can make all that in half an hour. It always takes us at least an hour to put together the so-called "30 Minute Meal." The chopping of fresh product alone is a 30-min endeavor.

So, I think you should know: I got a Mac iBook. It is so frickin' sweet! I love the clicky sounds of the keys when I'm typing and the little breathing light that comes on when it's sleeping. I also love downloading widgets, and it's the discovery of the LJ updating widget that brought me back here.

My book club is meeting on Thursday, and we're reading The Mammoth Cheese by Sheri Holman. I could only start reading it on Sunday because of that physics class, and I have this pesky math test tomorrow that's really cutting into my reading time. I really like the book so far because: it's set in Viriginia; the characters are well-drawn and surprisingly likable (even thought they're not necessarily types of people I like [rural Episcopalian priests, e.g. {which example should not be inferred to mean that I have something against priests, just that I don't currently know or associate with any}]); it has lots of interesting information about Thomas Jefferson, cheese, etc.

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Not Dead Yet

February 25th, 2006 (10:46 pm)
current song: The Little Cowboy // Distillation by Erin McKeown

I'm not dead! Come and visit me, one and all.

I just finished a whirlwind physics course. We went through everything from Newton's laws to elementary particles and did 7 labs--all in six weeks. We wrapped it all up with a mindfuck of a take home exam, which I had to call off of work yesterday to finish. On the plus side, my teacher was a pleasant NASA scientist, and she took us on an awesome tour. I looked down a microgravity research drop (the precise depth of which is a great controversy between Todd and me), and I almost puked! Fun!

But I actually stopped reading the LJ a while ago...maybe November-ish? My new job, while better-paying, has turned out to be something of a timesuck. I have extremely mixed feelings.

I miss my transmissions to the outside world. I'm trying to insinuate some of my actual interests into my life again.

CCP [userpic]

(no subject)

February 24th, 2006 (10:00 am)

current mood: ecstatic

This is only a test.

But, friends, I may re-emerge soon.